Searchers along the way

searchers along the way~Seoul

searchers along the way~Seoul

We live to search and we spend our whole life looking for its meaning. I love that fact. I strive to be in the wonder of the quest itself not minding what I find or what remains a mystery. Life is filled with magic and I feel so lucky to feel it every single day. Truth is such an enigma and I wonder if we are ever meant to find it or to just dwell on the process.

Some random thoughts on the eve of the Chinese New Year~ Shanghai


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  1. It’s so important to keep a childlike wonder…. the truth is fleeting and ever changing I think..

  2. Wow … well said about life’s constant search! Meanwhile, Hi Mimo!

  3. They look like between dimensions. Great. Thanks.

  4. I love your perspective! : )
    Beautiful image.

  5. Interesting way you gat movement from a still picture…

  6. Great words mimo, and great shot.

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