The gift of color

and I cannot imagine a world without color~ Seoul

and I cannot imagine a world that is void of color~ Seoul

I heard once that babies smile the first time they see a rainbow through their tears and it makes them want to cry again to see the miracle of color. Beauty can be so overwhelming that it does make us cry, and life is one beautiful miracle after another. How sad it is that we sometimes forget.

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  1. I will allow you the blurring on this one Mimo 😉 and I love your words.. I cry easily and often at things of beauty..

  2. I cannot imagine learning something so wonderfully magical for a long time again Precious.

  3. Cool unfocus shot i think it really makes the picture focus on the colors i think.

  4. Really beautiful ! And it’s true, life is a miracle, a gift, day after day ! Have a good sunday !

  5. while blurred, it’s still beautiful with all the colors. I love this one

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