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The power of choice~

The next step we take, the next word we say, the next thought we harbor, the next bite we eat, these are the small choices we make but how small are they really? It is all connected, every road we take leads to the highway of our destiny, or not. In this maze we call life, what is it that guides our choices? That should be what concerns us not the choice itself, because in the end, what is our main motivator?

Day 59 of 365~

Image taken in Jumeira, shanghai

ravaged~ Yunnan



We were driving along one of the long dirt roads leading to far off villages of Yunnan and neighboring Sichuan when I had a strong instinct to stop the car. And as instincts are mostly right if we choose to listen to them, down a slope on the side of the road this most incredible woman was sitting under a broken umbrella and an old straw hat trying to hide from the blazing sun of the Yunnan mountains. She spoke no words, only gestured with her hands and smiled her glowing toothless smile through a muddy face and tangled hair framing her warm face. In the end of her consenting gladly fo my friend and I photographing her, she asked with hand signals for water that she accepted from us with so much gratitude. She was adorned with strange jewelry and wore muddy rags, but she had the power to leave such a strong impression on us, that I most certainly found myself filing her memory in the ‘unforgettable’ category.

let me tell you~Yunnan

let me tell you~Yunnan


a moment in the life of an Yi little boy~ Yunnan~ China

a moment in the life of an Yi boy~ YunnanI am just back from a photographic adventure in Yunnan and Sichuan near Lijiang, China. I had the chance to visit the Yi, Mosuo and Naxi minorities in their traditional remote villages. I will be posting a series of portraits from the rich and strange life of the people of that region in the next few weeks.

Searchers along the way

searchers along the way~Seoul

searchers along the way~Seoul

We live to search and we spend our whole life looking for its meaning. I love that fact. I strive to be in the wonder of the quest itself not minding what I find or what remains a mystery. Life is filled with magic and I feel so lucky to feel it every single day. Truth is such an enigma and I wonder if we are ever meant to find it or to just dwell on the process.

Some random thoughts on the eve of the Chinese New Year~ Shanghai


Day 2~ December 2nd~ Guilin

hanging in the balance

hanging in the balance~ mother and child in Yangshuo

Of all the significant issues in the world, nothing strikes as more crucial than that of the future of our children. It is them who will inherit our planet in its current state, and it is they who will have to cope with the changes that are onsetting. How do we handle the very fine balance of preparing them without weighing them down, inspiring them without hiding the reality and training them when we ourselves are not sure what to do?

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