The power of choice~

The next step we take, the next word we say, the next thought we harbor, the next bite we eat, these are the small choices we make but how small are they really? It is all connected, every road we take leads to the highway of our destiny, or not. In this maze we call life, what is it that guides our choices? That should be what concerns us not the choice itself, because in the end, what is our main motivator?

Day 59 of 365~

Image taken in Jumeira, shanghai

8 thoughts on “The power of choice~

  1. The photograph & your words truly represent the current situation I am in:
    not to be afraid of the UNKNOWN and make a choice, every day, anew, about what your precious life is about to get into…and mix with…and refuses to mix with! Please contact me, privately, because I want to invite you to a meeting in the Westerwald!
    with the best,
    solange ❤


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