Day 9~ October 9th~ Yunnan

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The long walk back~ schoolgirls~ Yunnan

One hour walk to school, school is on the other side of the mountain, one hour walk back home… so much effort for receiving a fraction of  what our children take for granted.

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  1. I would love to know what the little girl on the right was thinking as she looked at her hand..

  2. Thanks for posting all these pictures. I showed this on to my daughter today when she complained about her walk to school.

  3. One more captivating shot. You have an eye for them…

  4. great picture…one girl is wearing a sandal. These friends are learning more from the long walk than many…I bet they are defying snow crossing the mountain and the scorching sun and all the intemperies..just to learn something else… Hopefully they are reading books by foreign authors and other cultures and learning to resrve their open spaces

  5. Powerful…Education is such a gift and so many waste it. Beautiful photo, as always

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