Articles and Interviews

Article from Photoed Magazine about Snap Collective Publishing and Mimo’s book Project ‘SOLO’

Article from the Rheinische Post about my photography meetup group that I started in
Duesseldorf, Germany.

Included in the book by Pamela Burke 20 women story tellers /taking powerful actions with words and images.

Article from Trade Talk Magazine about a Solo Exhibition for Mimo at Wallstyle in Duesseldorf, Germany

Feature on Powderize

Interview with Mimo at the Women’s Eye

Feature about Mimo’s work in Inspired Eye

Mimo’s image wins MPA award and is exposed in NYC

Mimo’s blog in a wordpress feature on street photography 

Mimo’s interview in ‘the artist interview nook’ on flickr

from a solo exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland
from a solo exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland

from an article in Ode magazine
from an article in Ode magazine

Mimo’s interview feature at Zone Arts Australia~

Article showcase by Photophique magazine.

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I have never heard it described as well how a smile and/or a look into another’s eyes makes us one. It is so much harder to judge and criticize someone once we have looked into their eyes…I love your photos! I think the two little girls on the pier in Pnang (spelling?) may be my favorite. Do you sell copies of your photos? Some I would really like to wake up and see each day! Jerri

Dear Jerri,
Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Yes, I do sell some select photographs. If you are interested in any, please let me know exactly which one and I will let you know how to purchase it online (I will make it available), if it it part the collections open for sale.

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