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Daily Coffee Talk~ 71/365

A journey of self discovery… that kind of sums up to me what life is about.

We arrive without recollection of why we came, where we came from, what purpose are we serving and who we really are.

Then we begin to feel the great urge to learn, discover and find out the truth.

And some are lucky enough to swim in the shallow waves of the greater knowing, the true purpose of life, whereas others may live their whole lives avoiding the quest.

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Living at the surface ~

Do our lives seem to be moving faster and at a more hectic pace or are we cycling on the shallow edge of life? Our news and information arrives in short blips and headlines, we have less and less time to read a good book and we find ourselves running from task to menial task without taking a breath to reflect on anything deeper than surface level.

I was speaking to my daughter about an upcoming school trip she has where for one week she must leave her phone behind. She was absolutely baffled for a moment about the absurdity of the concept and how life as she knows it will not be the same. We all need a holiday like that from time to time. Life is waiting.

Day 7 of 365

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Searchers along the way

searchers along the way~Seoul
searchers along the way~Seoul

We live to search and we spend our whole life looking for its meaning. I love that fact. I strive to be in the wonder of the quest itself not minding what I find or what remains a mystery. Life is filled with magic and I feel so lucky to feel it every single day. Truth is such an enigma and I wonder if we are ever meant to find it or to just dwell on the process.

Some random thoughts on the eve of the Chinese New Year~ Shanghai


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Day 11~ October 11th~ Yunnan

The man on the roof~ Yunnan

Do you ever wonder who you are, where you came from and what your real purpose for being on this planet is? Do you ever question life’s most confronting mysteries, and those questions that no one has ever been able to give you a reasonable answer to? It is a haunting that makes life seem as though it hangs somewhere on a cloud between reality and dreams. Sometimes seeing another person’s face and looking into their eyes can cause all these questions to flood back into my mind begging for answers.

Have a peaceful weekend…

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Day Three Hundred Twenty One, December 9, 2011

shanghai nights

Put two people together in a room and they find themselves compelled to break the silence with a conversation. We tend to speak about anything, from the famous ‘weather’ topic, to recent events, to nationality, among other superficial and shallow ‘fill in the silence’ conversations. Most of these conversations are forgotten, as if they never happened. But there are some moments, when a real conversation with a good friend takes you to the edge of the universe and back, gets you inside the meaning of life, slices through the meaningless mundane and drives you both towards the search for truth. When this happens, then a day or a night is won and added to our collection of meaningful moments.

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Day Three Hundred Eight, November 26, 2011

color sparkles

Color, we marvel at it in the sky, in rainbows, in butterflies, in the ocean, in the trees, in fruits,… all around us. We use it in fashion, in style, in homes, in crafts, in food art, in painting, and it becomes part of our identity. But at some point, the use of color was medicinal, esoteric, influential in human life, ceremonial, religious, purposeful, significant, meaningful and exact. It is amazing to try taking just a moment every morning to look at a spectrum of colors (pencils, pantone colors, whatever) and see which one you are most drawn to that day, because it really is different each day, and to try and learn something about that color, be on the frequency of it. It is no coincidence that flags are certain colors and that most religions are color coded, or is it?


Day Two Hundred Twenty Two, September 1, 2011

more than just a shadow

Most of us live in this world that we are born into with most of our attention focused on the events that directly touch our lives. What is close to us and what will influence us directly is what ends up hoarding most of our care and attention. It is only in rare moments that we extend ourselves and our minds to other realms and ponder the reasons why we are here and what will happen when we go. And what would our journey here have added up to? Will it add to the furthering of our universal journey or are we just more shadows drifting by?