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Day Three Hundred Twenty One, December 9, 2011

shanghai nights

Put two people together in a room and they find themselves compelled to break the silence with a conversation. We tend to speak about anything, from the famous ‘weather’ topic, to recent events, to nationality, among other superficial and shallow ‘fill in the silence’ conversations. Most of these conversations are forgotten, as if they never happened. But there are some moments, when a real conversation with a good friend takes you to the edge of the universe and back, gets you inside the meaning of life, slices through the meaningless mundane and drives you both towards the search for truth. When this happens, then a day or a night is won and added to our collection of meaningful moments.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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That is one thing (just quietly ) I desperately miss, now that I live in a separate country to my friends and family .. the real talks with old friends.. friend, such a tiny word.. c

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