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Day14~ March 14th~ Egypt

lost in the sand

I went to Egypt looking for adventure. I got far more than what I bargained for…

A group of 25 something friends from all around the globe, all eager to find the truth, we headed into the desert on a moonless night to gaze at the stars and dwell on the mysteries of Egypt. It was magical to say the least, until a few hours later someone looked around and we had a feeling one of our friends was missing. We called her name into the pitch darkness but nothing returned other than the eerie stillness of the desert night. It was the kind of darkness where you could not see your own hand, let alone another person lost in the sand. We desperately came up with a plan to separate into groups of 2 and walk around looking and feeling for our friend. We spent about an hour of very high emotional distress and thoughts going all over the place and expectations of the worst possible. We were each running the risk of getting lost ourselves, if not for a far away light that we left as a marker and a place to meet at the end of our search. Our local friend and guide who was with us walked finally to the nearest road and managed to call the hotel in Cairo only to discover that our friend was showered and in bed after having been lost, finding the road and hitchhiking to the hotel while we were busy searching for her.

That night, people of different religions, backgrounds, nationalities and ages worked together while faced with a crisis, an Arab with a German, a christian with a jew, a European with an American, all towards one purpose, the safety of another human being. Amazing how a real life situation can cause all the ‘stuff’ that does not belong to being human, to be shed away, dropped for the sake of our shared humanity. A great lesson was learned by all that night, as the deserts of the planet can do that to us.

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Day Three Hundred Twenty One, December 9, 2011

shanghai nights

Put two people together in a room and they find themselves compelled to break the silence with a conversation. We tend to speak about anything, from the famous ‘weather’ topic, to recent events, to nationality, among other superficial and shallow ‘fill in the silence’ conversations. Most of these conversations are forgotten, as if they never happened. But there are some moments, when a real conversation with a good friend takes you to the edge of the universe and back, gets you inside the meaning of life, slices through the meaningless mundane and drives you both towards the search for truth. When this happens, then a day or a night is won and added to our collection of meaningful moments.


Day Two Hundred Thirty Six, September 15, 2011

the beginning of a new friendship

One of the cons of an expat life is the constant change a family has to go through. Your friends come and they go. Deep friendships are naturally formed with people since all are away from home, from extended families, and they cling to each other in search for a sense of belonging, comfort and support. And then the time comes for one of the families to move, leaving a hole behind, an emptiness, a missing piece of a puzzle that needs to be rearranged once again.

I have watched Lea go through so many strong friendships since we moved to Shanghai now more than 5 years ago, from extremely powerful bonds that still endure across distances, to fleeting ones that got forgotten, but somehow the need is always there for a new friendship to grow.

I watch her today as she declares a new friendship and prepared the ground for yet another year of shared adventures, celebrations, ice creams, lollipops and sleepovers…


Day Two Hundred Nineteen, August 29, 2011

Happy worker

I photographed this sweet man about 2 months ago on a street in Pudong while he was taking his break from work with his friend and it was s delightful encounter, full of smiles and shy giggles from the two of them. Since the street was in my Shanghai neighborhood, I asked them if they would like prints of their images and they loved the idea. Since that day I have been returning to this street every few days looking for them to no avail. And then, finally, today I saw one of the men resting on the ground in the heat of the day. It was like meeting an old friend! He jumped up, giggling, joyous, and when he actually saw the prints I gave him he was talking so fast to himself that I could not understand a word of his provincial Chinese, but I did not need to… So much passed between us without words and the lovely worker made one photographer very happy and a little magic was sprinkled on an otherwise normal day!


Day Forty Four, March 7, 2011

morning companions

I love mornings!

In the morning is when I feel inspired the most. It is at that time that ideas rush and flow in my mind. It is the time of day I treasure the most. I always wake up before

anyone else in my home and I tiptoe to brew my first delicious cup of coffee, always using the same cup that my friend Cecilia gave me,

and I sit for 15 minutes of ‘me time’ with my leather bound diary that I also treasure.

I love leather bound diaries, I feel that they are a luxury worth having since they hold my most intimate thoughts.

So this is how every day starts, and when it doesn’t then I am thrown off balance for the day.