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Day14~ March 14th~ Egypt

lost in the sand

I went to Egypt looking for adventure. I got far more than what I bargained for…

A group of 25 something friends from all around the globe, all eager to find the truth, we headed into the desert on a moonless night to gaze at the stars and dwell on the mysteries of Egypt. It was magical to say the least, until a few hours later someone looked around and we had a feeling one of our friends was missing. We called her name into the pitch darkness but nothing returned other than the eerie stillness of the desert night. It was the kind of darkness where you could not see your own hand, let alone another person lost in the sand. We desperately came up with a plan to separate into groups of 2 and walk around looking and feeling for our friend. We spent about an hour of very high emotional distress and thoughts going all over the place and expectations of the worst possible. We were each running the risk of getting lost ourselves, if not for a far away light that we left as a marker and a place to meet at the end of our search. Our local friend and guide who was with us walked finally to the nearest road and managed to call the hotel in Cairo only to discover that our friend was showered and in bed after having been lost, finding the road and hitchhiking to the hotel while we were busy searching for her.

That night, people of different religions, backgrounds, nationalities and ages worked together while faced with a crisis, an Arab with a German, a christian with a jew, a European with an American, all towards one purpose, the safety of another human being. Amazing how a real life situation can cause all the ‘stuff’ that does not belong to being human, to be shed away, dropped for the sake of our shared humanity. A great lesson was learned by all that night, as the deserts of the planet can do that to us.

By ~mimo~

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Gosh! What an adventure, terrible as it must have been. Always great to hear about people coming together for a common cause and working as one. Lovely picture of the desert as well! ^_^

A wide range of thoughts here. The picture is spectacular! The emotions of the peace of the night to the frantic search for a friend … and then a touch of what humanity is all about. In other words, simply a wonderful post!

Beautifully written story. WOW! I am sure that was a night to remember. I love your message and it is so true. When it comes to being human, the other problems of the world no longer matter.

Hmm, I loved it, and something about the matter of fact expression on that lady in the portrait adds so much to the text! Thanks for pointing me to it Karl!

I like to think that change starts in each one of us. If I start to worry about the whole, I risk being crushed by the impossibility of it all, but me, I can change ๐Ÿ™‚

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