Day 11~ October 11th~ Yunnan

The man on the roof~ Yunnan

Do you ever wonder who you are, where you came from and what your real purpose for being on this planet is? Do you ever question life’s most confronting mysteries, and those questions that no one has ever been able to give you a reasonable answer to? It is a haunting that makes life seem as though it hangs somewhere on a cloud between reality and dreams. Sometimes seeing another person’s face and looking into their eyes can cause all these questions to flood back into my mind begging for answers.

Have a peaceful weekend…

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  1. Yes indeed I recognise your words Mimo.. I have often asked these questions. I feel I must do as little harm and as much good as I can while I am here… To work for peace, love and freedom for all.

  2. I am becoming a fan of your pictures… 🙂

  3. Amazing camera technique. It almost looks digital. Very nice.

  4. The graceful dance of life is everywhere and in everyone – this image is proof!

  5. Stunning. I like the color tone.

  6. wow, this is a truly disturbing and incredible series.. c

  7. Great portrait. What was he up to?

  8. Another amazing portrait!

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