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Day 4~ march 4th~ Egypt

eyes towards the sun

Ancient Egypt has the power to hold your attention and point towards the laws of nature, the place where that power arose in the first place…

To an inhabitant of the Earth, what is more powerful than the sun? The constant giver fo life, the provider of warmth and light, the great father. How much value can one give to a power as significant as the sun?

The sun and its symbolism played a very significant part in the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians and it is evident in the symbology, their art and their legends, like that of the God Ra.

Hathor goddess of love, beauty, music, motherhood and joy

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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I like that top picture very much, Mimo – the sunlit face of the woman in the front, the hillocky ground behind, and the dark vignette >>> and the bent over figure on the horizon adds a tremendous and disproportionate amount to the image – excellent stuff! Adrian

Aloha Mimo! The glyphic of the goddess Hathor is captivating as is the many similar carvings and pictographs that are characteristic of Egypt. The pyramids are mind-boggling monuments, to say the least. Mimo, is the attractive lady in the first pic, you? With respect to the Sun __I’m a sun worshipper __love to lay in it for hours! 🙂 Cheers Hon!

Hi Ron, thank you for your comment! Actually the person in the first photos is a boy, a camel herder who went with us on the sunrise journey to the Pyramids.

LOL Wow Mimo, I would have sworn that person was a female! LOL 🙂 And, I don’t know what made me think it might be you __he looks nothing like your profile pic. I hope you’re not offended. I think it was the scarf and hair that screwed up my perception. 🙂 Nevertheless, he’s a cute guy. And, I’d like to stress vigorously: “I ANI’T INTO GUYS”! 🙂

Peace and blessings to you, Mimo! 🙂

i think it is great how the ancient Egyptians put a lot of their symbols and Gods on the outside of the temples, is has been a true gift to modern society as far as learning about these people in their time.

Great post. Very true what you write about the sun and how significant it is to the ancient Egyptians. I love the first picture as well!

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