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Day 5~ March 5th~ Egypt

meeting Egypt with all of yourself ~ in the temple of Dendera complex~ Egypt

If you go to meet something for the first time and you take your prejudgment about it with you, how will you ever be able to connect with its truth?

There is so much that is written about ancient Egypt. The libraries are full, the internet is flooded, university texts, endless research material, theories ranging from the skeptical to the fantastic, and the fear of failure and of ignorance, might cause us to dive into all this information, to store it into our short term memory to then be able to wisely throw it left and right in our vain attempt at appearing intelligent.

But maybe the truth is there to be felt, to be detected, to be sensed with different parts of our incredible human machinery. Or is that too crazy a thought? Have you ever seen how children behave differently in museums than adults? They sense things with their hands, their eyes, their backs, their tongues, they shout at it, they sit and stare, the react to it with the whole of their being. Is there a lesson to be learned there?

The zodiac chart of Dendera

This chart from the Dendera temple (now in the Louvre museum in Paris), depicts the 12 signs of the zodiac, surrounded by the 36 spirits symbolizing the 360 days of the Egyptian year.


By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Great pix…I’ve just tried to open some CD’s of pix I took in Egypt back in 2000 and it seems all of the files are corrupted so will need to get some sort of computer dude to retrieve them..In the meantime I’m thoroughly enjoying your shots…But still no colour!!! And I reckon YOU have GOT to be good with colour!!

Love your posts! Dendera was awesome by the way even without that incredible Zodiac! They are presently cleaning millinea of soot and grime from the ceiling to reveal unbelievable colour!

it is difficult to explain to other people how beautiful and different is Egypt. i’ve been already there too. and i took a great conclusion: is the people. the result of all the things = people. who’s responsible to transform the simple places in magical ones.

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