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Day 3~ March 3rd~ Egypt

Ka (ancient wooden statue with out-stretched set of arms above the head at the Cairo museum)

While searching and researching inside the realms of Ancient Egypt, the unseen comes into focus as the seen gradually gets blurred…

The ancient Egyptians believed that each person hosted in themselves a double, an electrical entity that ushered and guided them towards their true destiny. They called it the Ka. Their Ka was to live beyond the death of their physical bodies and mummifications served as preparations for homes that the Ka would one day return to inhabit.

Their lives were lived in great discipline as to remain pure and adhere to purpose because any deviation from purpose was an abomination of the Ka.

What was most haunting for me standing in front of this statue was the look in its eyes. It was the kind of look that can take you on a journey, far beyond where you would normally be.

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Such a mind boggling place, the Cairo museum. I remember finding it quite overwhelming actually, even became quite sick. Very interesting about Ka, seems akin to a life force, that which is noticeably absent in the body of the dead.

Interesting how cultural thought about the after-life spans cultures and time. In recent years, Cincinnati has been fortunate to host two travelling exhibits that we visited: one on Ancient Egypt and the other on Cleopatra. And yes – there is something about Egyptian eyes.

Hmm, so how did they come to know their true purpose then? So they could adhere to it? We cast about so, in the modern world, stumbling from one thing to the next, Our lives are no longer linear, nor full of pure purpose.. this is a post to think about thank you Mimo.c

Your question makes me think about connections. A child seems to be connected to what gave it life and it acts purely, so do animals. I wonder what gets into us as we drift further and further into the realms of the lost… just a ponder

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