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The future is calling~

Never before have I felt so unsure about what the future holds as I do today. Every morning, a new story in the news stranger than the next, wold leadership try to force the strangest and lowest of standards as the new norm and the first signs of tremors as the future threatens to eradicate the past. Anyone not feeling this must be sleep walking through life and bouncing from distraction to escape. How did we get here and what will our children’s world look like?

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Dear Mimo,
Thank you for your lines. There’s many things I could say….the most urgent and strong is: Yes. I feel it is just like you write.
And the future, in the sense of something new and better and possible entering, rather than a continuation of an unfortunate past, seems further and further away from what we experience/witness in the mainstream shocking realities these days.
Sad. Tough. – Many knew it all along….
But – I believe – it, the ” future ” works its ways at the same time, too, powerfully so.. and it happens, in numerous moments, when the some of us do allow that very future and give life to it, few may ever know…..however, the split between the two realities becomes more extreme, and there is pain, yes, there cannot not be – and there is a relieving cry: “It is not your fault !”…and there is Hope, and there can be tiny or larger bridges, between you and you, you and others, It and you – and the question every moment is: where do I/you choose to be ??

with respect for anyone who may read this

The future is calling to join ?to learn ?to be modast? To be clear and holda standard. … To care and do no harm …. The rest is new and t will take the time to connact and translate it … slowly and shourly. ..

Isn’t it amazing that so many of the current world leaders are of the same idiotic temperament? They are like weeds. Weeds never have a good foundation in the beginning anyway. They always come up in through the cracks, lose their footing and eventually fall over.

Our world will not change decisively, at least not as long as our children and grandchildren live. Unless the Yellowstone breaks out, an asteroid hits, etc …
Fear is a bad counsellor.
We are human beings and do not rule the world without reason.

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