Chasing spirits~

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These recent images from my Instagram page have been titled “chasing spirits”, and for the first time I find myself seeing a distinct line running through these street portraits that were taken by me in different Asian countries but solicit the same emotional reaction from me. There is something that draws me in to the internal processes of strangers through the maps of their faces, the history recorded in their eyes and the roadmaps of their lives in every line and wrinkle that cause me to pause and wonder: what drives me to chase these images and irks me to go to more places and stop, look and capture? It’s a strong driving force that never relents and I am hoping that after the chase, the cause may reveal itself. It’s a journey of passion and every moment brings me closer to myself…

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  1. Such remarkable clarity and feel in your images! Love them all❤️

  2. I love your street portraits. Wish I could bring myself to do it, I always have lots of excuses not to.

  3. ” The maps of their faces”. I love those words, you definitely have captured that authentically.

  4. I love what you wrote here… I support you in your passion… ❤️h

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  5. I love that you catch the vitality and beauty of the elderly .

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