Chasing spirits~

These recent images from my Instagram page have been titled “chasing spirits”, and for the first time I find myself seeing a distinct line running through these street portraits that were taken by me in different Asian countries but solicit the same emotional reaction from me. There is something that draws me in to the internal processes of strangers through the maps of their faces, the history recorded in their eyes and the roadmaps of their lives in every line and wrinkle that cause me to pause and wonder: what drives me to chase these images and irks me to go to more places and stop, look and capture? It’s a strong driving force that never relents and I am hoping that after the chase, the cause may reveal itself. It’s a journey of passion and every moment brings me closer to myself…

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When magic meets us

magic likes to meet us when we walk alone
magic likes to meet us when we walk alone~ River Seine~ Paris

Does it ever happen to you that something so special joins you when you are alone; a spark of revelation; a moment of clarity; something that makes you want to jump up and down in glee, and you might even do just that? I find that when that happens, it mostly does when I walk alone. Maybe when we walk alone we invite into us what wants to give us clarity, and maybe at other times, we are too busy and crowded to hear it. As long as I can be with inspiration, boredom will never meet me, they seem to live in different essence realms.

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Day 15~ December 15th~ Guilin

pretty boy
styled and dreamy~ Guilin

“Yesterday is but today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream” ~Gibran Khalil Gibran

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Day 19~ July 19th~ Vietnam

the girl with the heart earrings

She rode on a water raft, she smiled, she waved, she came closer to our boat and she sold us bananas. The girl with the heart earrings.

Halong Bay~ Vietnam

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Day 6~ July 6th~ Vietnam


City sidewalks are places of never-ending surprises and the places where photograph opportunities stare you right in the face. It is where the truth of people can be seen, their candid lives are in display and for me it is a place where I can feel humanity. We overpopulate the earth and we walk side by side, shoulder to shoulder on these city streets, anonymous, strangers to each other, lost in our own little bubble worlds. I love to capture faces of strangers and that in its own way brings humanity closer to me and bridges the distance that separates us.

photo taken: old man drinking tea on a Hanoi sidewalk~ Vietnam


Day One Hundred Fifty Nine, June 30, 2011

street stranger

Street photography, my very favorite kind! I am happiest with a camera, an ipod, headphones, and streets to explore. I can walk city alleys for hours looking for the right moment to capture the right interaction with a stranger. A human’s face, gesture, movement, stillness, intensity, emotion… and when the moment feels right, it is an incredibly inspired rush that comes with the click of my shutter, and the stranger is captured to live in my memories for a long time, to be somehow a part of my journey.

Yes, definitely my favorite way to use a camera.