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Day 6~ July 6th~ Vietnam


City sidewalks are places of never-ending surprises and the places where photograph opportunities stare you right in the face. It is where the truth of people can be seen, their candid lives are in display and for me it is a place where I can feel humanity. We overpopulate the earth and we walk side by side, shoulder to shoulder on these city streets, anonymous, strangers to each other, lost in our own little bubble worlds. I love to capture faces of strangers and that in its own way brings humanity closer to me and bridges the distance that separates us.

photo taken: old man drinking tea on a Hanoi sidewalk~ Vietnam

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

11 replies on “Day 6~ July 6th~ Vietnam”

Beautiful words Mimo and I completely agree….
For some reason I find this photo a little disturbing.. I can’t quite explain why but it’s probably because of the lack of your usual crisp focus on something in the picture.. here there is none. If you hadn’t told us he was drinking tea I would have thought he was involved in something more dark. he has his eyes closed which adds to that feeling for me too..
I do find the white flash above his shoulder very distracting my eye keeps getting drawn to it and think I would have removed that..

Thanks for your reflections Helen. I changed the white part that was bothering you. The blur was intentional and I am drawn to it in this image, it is interesting that it makes you feel how it does. I am sure that different things are perceived by us all differently depending on where we are at each moment. I wonder if one day I will look at this image and feel the way that you feel…
Regards from lebanon 🙂

yes you are right again Mimo 🙂 I think how we interprete any photo/painting/sculpture does depend on where we are in our lives.. and I’ve been in a darkish place lately so that’s probably why I’m thinking that!.. by the way you gravatar photo is beautiful..

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