When magic meets us

magic likes to meet us when we walk alone

magic likes to meet us when we walk alone~ River Seine~ Paris

Does it ever happen to you that something so special joins you when you are alone; a spark of revelation; a moment of clarity; something that makes you want to jump up and down in glee, and you might even do just that? I find that when that happens, it mostly does when I walk alone. Maybe when we walk alone we invite into us what wants to give us clarity, and maybe at other times, we are too busy and crowded to hear it. As long as I can be with inspiration, boredom will never meet me, they seem to live in different essence realms.

6 thoughts on “When magic meets us

  1. Great thought! That happens to me a lot of times, specially when I’m alone in my bedroom. I describe it the same way: a revelation. Lots of people get bored when they are alone, but I never do. I always find something to do, to think about. My grandfather used to tell me that people never gets bored, they just need some time to figure out what to do. And so I grew up appreciating my ‘alone-time’ as a moment for exploration and imagination.


  2. the new clours of this time ( have a look at Sara Hsbrn nature picutre – gildish blue in movment
    silve ( movment) in all that we do and all thet never grow old is alwas gold
    waht happnong magic in the air ,,,,,


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