Derailed humanity~ Tokyo

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derailed humanity~ Tokyo

derailed humanity~ Tokyo

The human story has its sad chapters; the ones that star as the unfortunate characters; the ones we look away from when we pass them in the streets. This post is for them; a gentle reminder…

one wrong turn is all it takes~ Tokyo

one wrong turn is all it takes~ Tokyo

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    Wonderful images – a clear eyed view of what some people are going through

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  3. Absolutely great photos. I was in Jerusalem recently and got a picture of a homeless man. The look in his eyes spoke volumes, much like this man. Take a look and see what I mean. Here’s a link:

  4. buenissima fotos
    la sensibilidad al retratar el momento
    un abrazo

  5. I’ll never forget them or when I came close to wearing that man’s shoes.

  6. Wow I’m not sure if that guy is real. He looks like a statue 🙂 Awesome photos Mimo!

  7. wow. I love the first image. I like the expression on his face. Great potraits.

  8. Mimo, that first image is like a rock, or some organic piece of the earth. The first question that springs to mind: “is that a human?”. Wonderful shot, terrific processing.

  9. The way you use black and white gives these photos a vivid, documentary feel. To generalize: some images are hard to absorb. Maybe we’re afraid of seeing ourselves.

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