fleeting moments~

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on holiday in her own mind~ Tokyo

on holiday in her own mind~ Tokyo

Rendezvous with life~ Shanghai

Rendezvous with life~ Shanghai

softly speaking~Tokyo

softly speaking~Tokyo

the winds of change~ Shanghai

the winds of change~ Shanghai

Those fleeting moments that catch us; we choose to hold on to them; to encapsulate them in an image; the scenes that we freeze before they dissolve into the stream of flowing,moving life…

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  1. Incredible photos. Love the 1st shot, but then find all the shots just as powerful.

  2. My votes goes to the last image 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos. I’m especially drawn to the first and last of the series. As always, your work inspires.

  4. Gorgeous evocative winds!

  5. I love the sense of uncertainty of the second pic.

  6. So evocative Mimo! Love your work so much…

  7. There is a serene beauti in this pictures, Mimo.

  8. That pictures xplains itselfs. Good stuff!!

  9. when we linger and long
    … to whom do we speak?
    … and for whom do we seek?

    can we stay, and not stain?
    enjoy, and still join?

  10. absolutely amazing photos!!! Keep posting, they’re amazing


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