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When up is down~

Doesn’t sometimes seem absolutely mind boggling that we actually walk, talk, eat and sleep on a huge ball? And it’s spinning so fast around its axis! And it’s whirling at a stunning speed around the sun! And is part of a galaxy that’s wizzing inside space to god knows where! How can anyone be ever bored knowing this??

Day 81 of 365~

Images taken today at EKO- Haus, Japanese garden in Duesseldorf

fleeting moments~

on holiday in her own mind~ Tokyo

on holiday in her own mind~ Tokyo

Rendezvous with life~ Shanghai

Rendezvous with life~ Shanghai

softly speaking~Tokyo

softly speaking~Tokyo

the winds of change~ Shanghai

the winds of change~ Shanghai

Those fleeting moments that catch us; we choose to hold on to them; to encapsulate them in an image; the scenes that we freeze before they dissolve into the stream of flowing,moving life…

Day Two Hundred Sixty Seven, October 16, 2011

behind a clown's face

Clowns have been known to be around since the times of ancient Egypt, when the role of clown and priest were held by the same person. This points to a much more significant importance for the role of the clown which goes far beyond animal balloons and silly tricks. Through the deformation of certain features and focusing on the ridiculous, many important esoteric and psychological lessons were passed on. Similar roles were played by the pantomimus of ancient Greece, the mimes of France, the Lazzi of Comedia dell’arte, even to Japanese Kabuki theater and Native American Shamens.

What fascinates me the most when seeing a clown or a mime, is the face behind the mask. I always find myself looking through the eyes to detect what that face is really projecting behind the painted smile. Strange traditions that are most definitely worthy of a deeper research.

Day Two Hundred Fifty Eight, October 7, 2011

the face of history

With history lives mystery, the unknown, the unexplained, the unanswered questions, the missing pieces of the puzzle, and it is fascinating to an inquisitive mind and to a fertile imagination. We are drawn magnetically to ancient sites, even as small children, we dream about the builders of the pyramids and picture them walking sideways as they do on the walls of hieroglyphs in Giza, we daydream about what it would be like to live as a Japanese Samurai, or to have been a soldier in the times of ancient Rome…

It was compelling for me to stand in front of the remaining facade of the ruins of St Paul’s cathedral in Macau, built in the 16th century by exiled Japanese Christians, commissioned by the Jesuits and destroyed almost completely by a fire during the typhoon of 1835. I wondered who walked through these great doors, what happened inside the imposing cathedral walls and did they ever foresee the rising of the modern casinos and buildings that are swallowing Macau today?

Day Two Hundred Nine, August 19, 2011

two trees and a friend

Seeing the state of our planet today, one cannot not be happy to see a power generating windmill! And Germany is filled with them. It is one of the first countries with a firm plan to close all nuclear power plants by the year 2022  after the Japanese disaster and survive totally from sustainable energy! Another reason to be thankful for nations that consider the future and the kind of world we plan for our children to inherit.

Day Eighty Five, April 17, 2011

Tea ceremony

Today’s “pray for Japan” fund raising event was  huge success! A very inspiring happening with so many people and so much support, it left me feeling much more hopeful that the world can be a better place and  seeing that humans do care. It really is moving to see people moved by charitable causes and actually acting upon their emotions to do good.

Yes, it was a good day, even the sun was contributing with his warm rays.


Day Eighty Four, April 16, 2011

little helper

Today we spent most of the day baking cookies for tomorrow’s fundraiser organized by the Japanese community in Shanghai to benefit the victims of the recent earthquake and Tsunami. Lea was such a great helper throughout, packing the cookies and preparing them in little bags and baskets. In her words, she must sleep very early tonight because tomorrow is a big day and she will be standing up selling cookies for hours ~we will see 🙂

Good night from Shanghai everyone!

cookie basket!

Day Fifty One, March 14, 2011

A private conversation...I love the innocence of little children!

Since the tragic earthquake happened in Japan a few days ago, I did my best to keep the details from Lea. The reason is that she tends to worry so much about things, I feared opening up the subject with her would lead to some sleepless nights and a whole amount of of worry much too heavy for a six year old. This happened to us the last time she learned about fires and volcanos at school and until now we have to discuss her concerns about these issues almost daily.

Today, she heard details about the earthquake in school so naturally she came home and requested that she be informed about all the details. After a long process she decided to light a candle and  dedicate a prayer (more of a private conversation between her and God really) for the people who lost their lives and got hurt, and she prayed that this does not happen again.

She also prayed as she does every night wishing for a little sister 🙂

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