Day Two Hundred Sixty Seven, October 16, 2011

behind a clown's face

Clowns have been known to be around since the times of ancient Egypt, when the role of clown and priest were held by the same person. This points to a much more significant importance for the role of the clown which goes far beyond animal balloons and silly tricks. Through the deformation of certain features and focusing on the ridiculous, many important esoteric and psychological lessons were passed on. Similar roles were played by the pantomimus of ancient Greece, the mimes of France, the Lazzi of Comedia dell’arte, even to Japanese Kabuki theater and Native American Shamens.

What fascinates me the most when seeing a clown or a mime, is the face behind the mask. I always find myself looking through the eyes to detect what that face is really projecting behind the painted smile. Strange traditions that are most definitely worthy of a deeper research.

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