The World on Lockdown~

This is day on of lockdown in Germany where we are currently living after the start of the Coronavirus pandemic and life has never been more interesting.

Suddenly there is space, and at first, you feel like you don’t know what to do with all this time, you feel restless like you are forgetting something, an errand, you need to do, a doctor’s appointment, a meeting, something… and then you realise that you need to stop.

And once you feel settled to that fact and you delete all the appointments in your calendar, it starts to dawn on you that something is shifting, onsetting, happening in a big way, seen and unseen that is bringing the whole world to a halt. And you listen very carefully, you hear the planet breathing a sigh of relief.

Manufacturing has stopped, planes are stopping, trains, cars, football games, concerts, events, all the things that allow you to feel lost in the crowd and all of a sudden there is a large mirror facing each one of us.

How will we spend our time now? Will we panic watching the alarmist news? Will we take long unhurried walks in the forest? It is Spring here after all. Will we learn something new? Or much better even, will we take the opportunity to do our much needed dwelling on the meaning of life that we had put aside all these years due to our rushed and busy lives?

What a great opportunity this is. Humans working together to combat an undiscriminating and common threat to all. How do we battle this with our humanity intact? Will we take the time to reconnect to the most basic truth of our connection to our amazing planet and its natural laws? And what about the intensifying and onsetting future? Are we ready to meet it?

In the last few days as we hurriedly tried to get ready for lockdown, I saw scared and worried faces everywhere and a big chunk of confusion and concern, which caused me to be kinder than normal to others along the way. As I let a person pass in front of me on the line, stopped the car for a pedestrian, waved and smiled at a stranger, I realised with great delight that a small act of kindness is going a much longer way than ever before. People are glowing because of it and that caused me to understand that in situations like these, humanity thrives, values are resurrected and the future has a chance…

10 thoughts on “The World on Lockdown~

  1. It’s a great time to just breathe. Everything that happend in life is an opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves, do something new. The world is too busy and we now have an opportunity to relax, realise that it’s not always about us, but what we do for others.
    Take time to know prople, spend time with your family. Be s blessing to others. Start your oen business.

    You may never have another opportunity like this again so milk it for all its worth.

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  2. As always, your comments show deep reflection and compassion – qualities which we have a unique opportunity to nurture, at this time. I have no doubt that the more we are able to cooperate – with each other AND with the nature kingdoms – the sooner will we emerge from this crisis, stronger and wiser as one humanity. With all its pain, suffering, losses AND insights, Corona can prepare us to take the next step: tackling global climate issues together.

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  3. Beautiful words Mimo but for those of us in the “underlying health issues” category, who keep being told that we are the ones most likely to die it’s pretty scary stuff, compounded by the fact, here in the UK we have a PM who most of us have no faith in let alone trust ! Here in the UK we have terrible panic buying which isn’t helping.

    Kindness is all we will have now, Keep well

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      1. Thank you Mimo, I am not overly worried for myself and have been physically distancing for a while already. I know that stress undermines our immune systems making us more susceptible to viruses so it’s important to keep calm and as relaxed as possible ( I used to be a nurse before I was a social worker and now thankfully retired!)
        Keep producing your beautiful work. Art helps xx
        Let’s hope for a kinder world, with more community spirit, after all this.

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