A Historic Future Unfolds

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The age of social distancing
You are never alone
Bridge of hope
Stairway to heaven
And there it was

As 2020 unfolds, it leaves us all stunned as we try to grasp the magnitude of what really is at play in these changing times. Clearly things have no chance of remaining the same in a new intensifying state of affairs that forces even the most arrogant of us humans to stop, reassess and reconsider their role in the fate of humanity on earth. It is later than we think…

Stay safe my friends as we calmly and hopefully with grace and strength we weather the storms of tomorrow.

Above photos are recent compositions inspired by the current times.

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  1. Beautiful photos, especially the stairway to heaven. That one is just fantastic. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. Nice series! The second one is particularly atmospheric and compelling. It draws you in…

  3. Spellbinding images and a perceptive sentiment.

  4. Amazing images, Mimo, thank you for sharing your talent.

  5. Beautiful series and thoughtful commentary.

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