The clouds of his mind~ Yunnan

the clouds of his mind~ Yunnan

the clouds of his mind~ Yunnan

Men puffing out tobacco smoke has become such a common daily sight for us living in China, people smoke in the rain, on bikes, while working, in classrooms, and sometimes even while eating! Yunnan was no different. The ladies smoked their pipes leisurely while the men smoked cigarettes and water pipes. The tobacco fields can be seen spread out for miles around the valleys and mountainous regions of Yunnan and the smoking traditions thrives.

This man was sitting in a small one room restaurant in a marketplace and he enjoyed his tobacco while I photographed him feeling almost proud and theatrically demonstrating his skill at exhaling the clouds above his head.

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  1. I really love your photos πŸ™‚
    If you’re interested I’m starting a project where people submit pictures, and each week I randomly pick one and compose a piece of music for it. It would be great if you could join in.

  2. wonderful Mimo, this has an air of utter relaxation about it somehow.

  3. Great capture… he was obviously enjoying the attention! You must meet some wonderful characters on your travels πŸ™‚

  4. B&W was absolutely the right choice here! Brilliant shot. I love the textures, from his skin, to his hat to the jacket. The lighting and balance is perfect. It is a technically and artistically a fantastic shot.

  5. Sounds like an advertisement for smoking…do you smoke?
    greetings into your day from Solange<3

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