stories of times gone by~ Yi woman~ Yunnan

stories of times gone by~ Yunnan~ Yi woman

stories of times gone by~ Yunnan~ Yi woman

It is such a common sight in Yunnan to see these strong women from the Yi ethnic minority with pipes lit in their mouths puffing at tobacco smoke around the streets, markets and village homes. The pipes are hand crafted and each woman holds on to hers for life proudly. When I asked about the place where we can buy one, I constantly received puzzled looks, “you don’t buy these, you get one made for you when you come of age”!

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  1. Great picture of an awesome face!

  2. What a stunning photo. Really speaks novels within just one photo. Truly a beautiful picture and a very cool story to hear more about!

  3. Great photo and great story too Mimo.

  4. Wow, stunning photo, very captivating

  5. Is that mean the pipe is a gift like honor the women of some achievement? Do you know what age when they receive the pipe? I truly like this photo! Tell stories and everything is so perfect! πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful portrait, Mimo, and interesting story too! Adrian

  7. My kind of gal πŸ™‚

  8. WHAT AN AMAZING PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the LOVE button?

  9. Fantastic picture, Mimo. Very strong expression, telling storie.

  10. That face and those eyes could tell a thousand stories… wonderful photo!

  11. A really stunning woman and photo

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