Parallel levels of truth (Yunnan)

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

7 replies on “Parallel levels of truth (Yunnan)”

Wow. How crafty. You are so skilled. Your images are wonderful. Your titles lead me to think about the images in a certain way. I have mixed feelings about that. If there wasn’t a title, I’d look at the image and whatever comes to mind comes to mind. With the title, I process the image through the idea in the title, perhaps forever thinking about the scene in that way. Your titles are good, there’s no doubt. But they are the photographer’s literary take on the aesthetics and context of the scene. Perhaps the viewer only needs the photo, the photographers skill and choice of material the essential offering.
However, I think your images and titles are great material for a writing class. Each time I see one of your photos and read the title, I’m inspired to write, to craft a piece of short fiction or a poem or a personal essay on life. In any case, keep up the excellent work!

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