On curiosity

curiosity makes you go on tiptoes

curiosity makes you go on tiptoes~ shanghai

It is curiosity that makes each day different to the one before, the search for new stimuli, the interest in what is hidden and unseen, the search for something intriguing, the things that makes us go exploring. Most books and researches point to curiosity as a brain function and an instinct that we share with apes and other animals, but I wonder if it isn’t so much more in humans. I wonder if it is not connected to our innate drive to search for the unknown and to be with the unseen. Losing it or ignoring it would be almost like giving up our mission for personal development for the comforts and certainty of the already known.

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  1. I have added this photo to my “Favorite Photos from A-Z for January 2013” post here: http://shutterbugsage.com/2013/01/31/my-favorite-photos-from-january-2013-from-a-to-z/. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and continuing to inspire my amateur 365 blog!

  2. What a beautiful photo. Great colors and composition. You really have captured the curios mood of this little girl.

  3. Being curious is a beautiful thing! : )

  4. I love your photos !!! Great job !!!! Ela

  5. waht an orange day ,,,,,thnaks m

  6. so true, we make our days different by trying new things, the things that we try to explore

  7. Love the shot and caption…

  8. I think if we lost our ability to be curious, if we never wanted to know anything new anymore, we would begin to die. lovely image and such truth in your words.. c

  9. That is a great shot!

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