A necessary pause in the journey

There will always be a bench along the way

There will always be an empty bench along the way

When living life feels like riding a fast train and impressions start colliding on all sides of us blinding us to who we are, then perhaps it would be wise to stop and reassess our location. Clarity comes from knowing where we are and who we are, stopping while the world blurs away around us because how else are we ever going to see clearly?

36 thoughts on “A necessary pause in the journey

  1. Brilliant, Mimo. I love the way the image draws me in. I want to have a seat on the bench and think about, well, everything, including the question you pose. 🙂


  2. I love this shot – the lighting is beautiful, the composition is imaginitive and spot on and the juxtaposition of the bench and the person creates interest that keeps me looking at it. Love it.


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