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Duesseldorf- Start of Summer

Summer weather and the start of some kind of normalcy in Düsseldorf bring a sigh or relief after months of lockdown. This past weekend I sensed a feeling of liberation in people as they strolled around in the city streets and waited in line at restaurants and cafes.

Is this the beginning of the end of the pandemic? Will the new normal every look like the old normal? One thing is sure: we all went through a dramatic change on a very deep level and my instinct tells me that more change is on its way.

Mobile Impressions From a Journey in an Old Land~ Lebanon

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Day 10~ August 10th~ Boracay

a tilted horizon

It is so curious how we sometimes obsess about making things straight when in fact almost everything is curvy on this feminine planet. Even a straight line curves to make a full circle if its ends were to meet. My apologies to readers and photographers who love to see a perfectly straight horizon, but the tilt intrigues and pleases me 🙂

Day Nine~ February 9th~ Lebanon

sun kissed

After leaving Lebanon, it took me such a long time to get used to the fact that the sun does not shine every day during the summer in other parts of the world! The sun is Lebanon’s soulmate, the are inseparable in the summer time and makes everything glow in a most beautiful warm shade. The stones, the water, the mountains, the trees, and the beautiful Lebanese women who love the sun back.

And once you meet the passion of Lebanon’s sun, you yearn to be back there every summer just to say hello.

photo: the beautiful Alice on a boat.

Day Three Hundred Twenty Seven, December 15, 2011

sun nostalgia

Funny thing with us humans and our values. We seem to value what we no longer have a hundred times more than we did when we possessed it. As long as we take something for granted, then we allow familiarity to set in and we lose the value. It is the same with everything, from the warm sun of a summer day to the so called ‘loved ones’ in our lives. With the cycling seasons, we are never with one of them too long to lose our appreciation of the variety. So maybe familiarity is when we allow our relationships to become seasonless that we forget to stop, reassess, renew and instill new value into them year after year.

Just a thought while I miss the warmth of summer.

Day Two Hundred Fifteen, August 25, 2011

summer rain

‘Summer rain’, so many songs are written about, movies, books, plays… I never new summer rain till I left Lebanon for New York, because back home, it never rains in the hot months. And we used to hear of this strange phenomenon as children and think “how exotic! Maybe one day we can witness it ourselves!”

Shanghai has been living up to its summer rain quota this summer. It feels as though we are living under water the past few days and when it rains here, it really pours!

Day Two Hundred Seven, August 17, 2011

the end of a summery day

Do you remember those days of summer when you were so young that worries could never find you? Do you remember your little projects of mud pies, berry picking, swimming, running around barefoot all day long, playing hide and seek, splashing in puddles, making fairy gardens, creating your own ice cream with all sorts of bizarre ingredients and living the moment with no static from the past or future to disturb your peace? I remember these days through watching my child as she and her clothes get stamped with a day fully lived.

Day One Hundred Sixty One, July 2, 2011

when the day is done

Temperatures reached a high of 37 degrees centigrade today in Shanghai. The streets were steaming, and the breeze felt like the caresses of a nearby fire. This city gets brutally uncomfortable during the summer months and still some of its residents must sweat for their money. They come back from their outdoor jobs with a sense of relief drawn on their faces as another hard day’s work is done.

Day One Hundred Fifty Two, June 23, 2011

summer and why

We, foreigners living in Shanghai are often found to be very annoying to the local people of authority. We are sometimes referred to as the ‘why people’. With the summer here now in full power, the pool is open in our compound, and with that come the strange rules. One rule is that you must wear, outdoors, a swimming cap at all times if you were to enter the pool (a rule that is adhered to for almost one week tops). Naturally, every year we ask ‘why’? The answer is “there is no why, it is a rule,  why do you ask why? What is wrong with you?”

Can you imagine living your daily life and never ever asking why certain things are they way they are when they don’t make any sense to you? I am a ‘why’ person and proud to be one!

photo: Lea with her friend on top of her new inflatable dolphin wearing the cap, don’t ask me why 🙂

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