The color of my Lebanon

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coloring the sky

coloring the sky

sun sisters

sun sisters

happy people attract essences

happy people attract essences

door to the rainbow

door to the rainbow

coloring the unseen

coloring the unseen

Too small to be divided, too large to be swallowed, too beautiful to be ignored, too charming to be forgotten… and oh the way the sun kisses my Lebanon…

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  1. Wonderful photo´s all over the place.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Wow Great Job

  4. beautiful, inspirational and creative

  5. Makes me want to visit, beautiful!

  6. Beautiful Pics. One can keep seeing them.

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    Beyond the great quality of Mimo’s photographic work, I can personally relate to the words: “my Lebanon”. Been there. A lovely country. Lovely people. Yet besieged by war and violence. Thank you Mimo for your colours.

  8. Pauvre Liban. Si beau. Si… insignifiant dans sa tranquilité et pourtant la proie d’appétits incompréhensibles.
    Poor Lebanon. So beautiful. So… insignificant in its tranquility and yet the prey of mysterious appetites.
    One is tempted to ask: Why?! Why can’t others let live a small piece of earth in peace? (And it’s no consolation to see Syria now…) Yes, Mimo, I can understand the colours of your Lebanon!
    Take care.

  9. I love these pictures, colors, sun … beautiful, marvellous…

  10. I absolutely love these photos. When I saw them in the Reader, I thought I must comment. Really beautiful and meaningful.

  11. you really worked very hard . you are unique in your field . i like your images

  12. how you click this picture? where is the area ?

  13. So beautiful! I reblogged this post on

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    Absolutely luscious and enchanting photos!

  15. They are very good. I love the creativity and energy in your color of Lebanon. Also the unseen.

  16. lovely, so full of hope and romance

  17. this is my favorite blog post ever! 🙂 barbara

  18. Wow. These are just gorgeous, Mimo. And a little bit heart-wrenching too.

  19. Stunning and so creative as always.

  20. so,so….Wonder…full! Thank you so much, dear Lady of kind

  21. that’s how the world should be

  22. This is such an impressive series of photos. So much to see and think about with the beauty & happiness that you have created…artistic, natural and processed absolutely perfectly.

  23. These images evoke such feelings of wonder.

  24. I think Lebanon brings out the best in you Mimo, love them all!

  25. really you are are very good clicker . nice work keep going on . may i know which camera you use for your picture.

  26. Beeyootiful photos! Stunning, I would say.

  27. wow this are fantastic pictures……

  28. Wow! Beautiful images 😉

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