Day Nine~ February 9th~ Lebanon

sun kissed

After leaving Lebanon, it took me such a long time to get used to the fact that the sun does not shine every day during the summer in other parts of the world! The sun is Lebanon’s soulmate, the are inseparable in the summer time and makes everything glow in a most beautiful warm shade. The stones, the water, the mountains, the trees, and the beautiful Lebanese women who love the sun back.

And once you meet the passion of Lebanon’s sun, you yearn to be back there every summer just to say hello.

photo: the beautiful Alice on a boat.

18 thoughts on “Day Nine~ February 9th~ Lebanon

  1. I remember when I was much younger believing all Lebanese women to be extremely beautiful. Mostly because one of my close friends in college was from Lebanon. Since that time I have NEVER found anything to suggest otherwise. You’re image here reinforces that notion.


  2. That’s such a perfect portrait for B&W! So dramatic, I can feel the sunrays on my oiled skin even if there are snowflakes falling outside my window!


  3. Awesome portrait and I always love to hear you talk of your homeland! It really is amazing how light is different some places like Maine.


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