Day Eight~ February 8th~ Lebanon

I left a part of me on this old street

Have you ever experienced going back to a place you lived after years have passed? Have you gone through the stirring deep emotion that goes with such an experience?

This little street in a little village in North Lebanon holds so many life changing memories for me. It was along this street that I walked day after day alone but for my thoughts and a little stone I used to kick along the whole way from home to the little shop that sold anything, everything and my favorite 5 pennies ice cream cone; a 15 minute walk that took me more than an hour to complete. I remember walking along that road and letting my mind drift and dream in Arabic save for a single word that kept resonating in my mind strangely in English: ‘determined’!

It remains one of those mysteries of life, unexplained, strange and precious…

walking back into the past~ photo by Shouly Khair

11 thoughts on “Day Eight~ February 8th~ Lebanon

  1. such a beautiful area, I loved the description of your walk home.. i walked to and from school along a beach.. sandals stuffed in my bag! imagine! c

  2. The top photo seems so sad.. I have several times gone back to places and have always been struck by the massive changes that have taken place, both in the places and in myself.

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