Day 10~ August 10th~ Boracay

a tilted horizon

It is so curious how we sometimes obsess about making things straight when in fact almost everything is curvy on this feminine planet. Even a straight line curves to make a full circle if its ends were to meet. My apologies to readers and photographers who love to see a perfectly straight horizon, but the tilt intrigues and pleases me πŸ™‚

39 thoughts on “Day 10~ August 10th~ Boracay

  1. Indeed: i’ve recently begun to tilt my camera. works well on the Brooklyn Bridge, New York or Paris.
    Thanks for the picha. Nice


  2. Beautiful Mimmo, I love the tilted horizon too. That is what makes your photo’s stand apart from others… you dare to be different, to break the rules of photography. It works, I love it!!


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