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Souls that soar

souls that soar~ River Seine~ Paris
souls that soar~ River Seine~ Paris

To dance when you are so moved, to sing when you are so driven, to laugh when you are tickled, to scream if passion compels you, is to be truly free…

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Day 17~ December 17th~ Guilin

planetary beings
planetary beings

We often talk of people of other planets, wonder if they exist, worry if they do, feel a thrill at the possibility, make up stories and fantasies about what they might look like and act like, but meanwhile if they did exist, wouldn’t we be the extraterrestrials to them? We are planetary beings confined to this blue planet, we arrive with no memory of what was, no vision of what will be and the freedom to act in the now. What if we were able to remember, and had the vision to see past our limitations, how different would life be then?

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Day 12~ April 12th~ Congo

dancing the bad memories away

It was so clear to me the day I saw these children dancing for hours, that Africa, the land, radiates and infuses its people with rhythm. Moving seems to be the most natural thing to them and they move with a lightness and swiftness that are most beautiful to witness. These children are young demobilized child soldiers and dancing is part of their healing process.

I was able to take a couple of short videos and here is one to give an idea of the way it felt to be there and to witness this event in person.

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Day Five~ February 5th~ Lebanon

the columns of the temple of Jupiter~ Baalbak~ Lebanon

Mystery and history are around every corner in Lebanon. It is really astounding to think about how many pieces of the human puzzle are contained in that tiny country. One of the most impressive historical sites is what my niece used to call as small child ‘the broken house’ 🙂

Baalbek, Baalbak, ancient Heliopolis, are names attributed to one of Lebanon’s greatest Roman treasures, and one of the ancient wonders of the world. Baalbek is on of the largest sanctuaries that stood as evidence to the great wealth and power of the Roman Empire at the time. The hill that the monumental remains stand on is known to have been settled for over 9000 years. After the time of Alexander the great, the sanctuary was named Heliopolis (city of the sun), and in its Jupiter temple, Trajan the Roman emperor consulted the oracle wether he would come back alive after his war against the Parthians.The god answered him with a vine shoot cut into pieces…

The complex contains the remains of the temple of Jupiter, Venus, and Bacchus. On a nearby hill is a 4th temple dedicated to Mercury. Other minor structures were added by Nero and Trajan.

As a world heritage site, today Baalbak hosts every year a great arts and music festival.

Boris Eifman ballet in Baalbek~ July 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty Four, June 25, 2011

The little dancer

It was the opening act of the summer festival at the German School in Shanghai, the audience filled the seats, my heart was pounding nervously about her dance being the first in the show…I imagined a nervous, shy, hesitant little girl.

And out she came, confident, proud, dancing with all her soul to the rhythm, enjoying every second she had on stage…

They never cease to surprise us our little humans!

The ramblings of a very proud mother…


Day One Hundred Forty Eight, June 19, 2011


To know no worry, to carry no grudge, to feel no hate, to plan no revenge, to awaken with inspiration, to live with joy, to sleep with contentment of a day lived to the full, to be weightless,

a child.

photo: Lea dancing by the window on yet another rainy day in Shanghai


Day Seventy, April 2, 2011

Shanghai nights

Each time I went out at night I wished my Canon was with me to capture that side of life in the vibrant city. Tonight, I had the chance to do that. Shanghai is a city of many faces, and this one is certainly what makes it the sultry city that it is today. Its nights are alive with music, decadence, extravagance and a unique sense of style. This style is a result of the sudden modernism married to the unique charm that lives in the walls of this historical city, the chapters of rapid change it has seen in its development and the onset of a cosmopolitan culture that is rapidly engulfing the place. M1nt club, where these photos were taken tonight is one of the most ‘in’ places in Shanghai and is becoming more and more exclusive. I have always loved going to places like this for the surreal feeling I experience each time. I also love to dance 😉

M1nt DJ

Day Sixty Five, March 28, 2011

I am rock and roll

Not even seven years old and she declared herself a rocker!

Lea came home today and asked me to tell her everything I know about Rock and Roll.

She said: “I think I am rock and roll” and she proceeded to demonstrate. Should I be worried?? 🙂

I have a new style she said