Day Seventy, April 2, 2011

Shanghai nights

Each time I went out at night I wished my Canon was with me to capture that side of life in the vibrant city. Tonight, I had the chance to do that. Shanghai is a city of many faces, and this one is certainly what makes it the sultry city that it is today. Its nights are alive with music, decadence, extravagance and a unique sense of style. This style is a result of the sudden modernism married to the unique charm that lives in the walls of this historical city, the chapters of rapid change it has seen in its development and the onset of a cosmopolitan culture that is rapidly engulfing the place. M1nt club, where these photos were taken tonight is one of the most ‘in’ places in Shanghai and is becoming more and more exclusive. I have always loved going to places like this for the surreal feeling I experience each time. I also love to dance 😉

M1nt DJ

By ~mimo~

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