Day 17~ December 17th~ Guilin

planetary beings

planetary beings

We often talk of people of other planets, wonder if they exist, worry if they do, feel a thrill at the possibility, make up stories and fantasies about what they might look like and act like, but meanwhile if they did exist, wouldn’t we be the extraterrestrials to them? We are planetary beings confined to this blue planet, we arrive with no memory of what was, no vision of what will be and the freedom to act in the now. What if we were able to remember, and had the vision to see past our limitations, how different would life be then?

6 thoughts on “Day 17~ December 17th~ Guilin

  1. Two powerful thoughts in one … our life on a speck in the universe, and what if we truly learned from the past. Very thought provoking!

    BTW – A personal invitation to you to attend my holiday gathering on the 24th. Hope you can stop by for a gift! … and your readers are welcome!


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