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Theater of life~

Life in the street is a theater happening all the time, constantly changing and metamorphosing that I feel compelled to be out there capturing as many moments as I can. Every image I capture makes me think that had a slept longer it would never have been captured. I imagine this must be every street photographer’s dilemma.

Day 94 of 365~

Early morning in Paris.

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lost in life’s great theater

lost in life's great theater~ actor~Shanghai
lost in life’s great theater~ actor~Shanghai

Every moment is an act, every action a drama, when passion leads the way…

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Day 17~ December 17th~ Guilin

planetary beings
planetary beings

We often talk of people of other planets, wonder if they exist, worry if they do, feel a thrill at the possibility, make up stories and fantasies about what they might look like and act like, but meanwhile if they did exist, wouldn’t we be the extraterrestrials to them? We are planetary beings confined to this blue planet, we arrive with no memory of what was, no vision of what will be and the freedom to act in the now. What if we were able to remember, and had the vision to see past our limitations, how different would life be then?

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Day 16~ December 16th~ Guilin

fields of red
fields of red~ guilin

We count our time with seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years, with repetitive numbers. Repetition seems to make us feel settled, to let us know where we stand and where we are going. We put numbers on everything in an attempt to clothe the unknown with tangible references. We capture time with numbers, but time is elastic, and is is known to slip away…

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Day 10~ July 10th~ Vietnam

Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, Hanoi

Since the 11th century, when the rice fields would flood in Vietnam, the villagers used to fashion wooden puppets over the water creating shows for story telling and entertainment. This tradition survives today through the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi and is a marvel to witness. Dragons, kings and queens float in lacquered wood on the surface of a shallow pond while a live orchestra plays and puppeteers hide behind screens in the dark theater.