Day 12~ April 12th~ Congo

dancing the bad memories away

It was so clear to me the day I saw these children dancing for hours, that Africa, the land, radiates and infuses its people with rhythm. Moving seems to be the most natural thing to them and they move with a lightness and swiftness that are most beautiful to witness. These children are young demobilized child soldiers and dancing is part of their healing process.

I was able to take a couple of short videos and here is one to give an idea of the way it felt to be there and to witness this event in person.

8 thoughts on “Day 12~ April 12th~ Congo

  1. Perfect moment frozen. Love the video. The colors in all of your photos are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing these experiences with us

  2. Uuuu, video now too! I love it!
    One thing I always love in other countries, is traditional dances. So much magic seems to be felt as the expressions from music and body perform.

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