Day 13~ April 13th~ Congo

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"nous voulons la paix dans le monde"

“We want peace in the world”… Is that too much to ask?

Every child I spoke to in Congo told me the same thing, responded the same way when I asked them what their message to the world was, what was it they wished for the most…

” I want to live a peaceful life”

“I want to be able to go to school and not be kidnapped again”

“I want the war to stop”

“I want to find my parents again and live a happy peaceful life”

This boy in Kinshasa wanted to deliver his message in artform. He wanted to draw his message and asked me to pass it on, because maybe if everyone knew that the children in Congo do not want the war, then maybe, just maybe, the world can help to stop it.

Please share this message from a young boy in Congo, the country that has lost more than 5 million  people so far to a bloody conflict that spares no child, mother or old person.

Thank you.

message from Motombo Mabaka~ age 13~ Kinshasa

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  1. Mimo, in my life, I’m grateful that I’ve never lived through a war nor had to fight. I was a bystander during an attempted coup and that was bad enough. Adrian

  2. I think we have to ask what people in rich countries are doing. Does the way of life we live affect people in other parts of the world. My answer is yes.

    As long as we keep buying blood diamonds, driving cars on blood oil etc we are part of it.

    A total restructure of living (probably impossible due to individual thinking and greed, and I don’t mean by warlords, a very difficult task) is needed.

    How are politicians or multinational companies based in my countries helping worlds peace? By war and exploitation??

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    Dette var utrolig gripende synes jeg. Del det gjerne videre med andre.

  4. Sad and hopeful all at once – so powerful.

  5. That is so sad Mimo! I admire your ability to do this even more!

  6. Hi,
    It must be terrible to live in fear all the time.

  7. It is the little things in life we take for granted…

  8. His way of sharing is sweet and powerful!

  9. I think “A FRANK ANGLE” described it best as “a heart-wrenching hope.” A very powerful post. Reminds me of an exhibition I saw on drawing and thoughts by survivors of Hiroshima published in a book called THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE. A whole series of these and their thoughts would make a great book.

  10. Simply heart-wrenching hope.

  11. What a magnificent entry

  12. How beautiful and meaningful these drawings are, and your photos of them!

  13. Heartrending Mimo…

  14. Madame a nerve-wracking! Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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