Losing Sleep in Boracay~ 

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Waking up predawn, watching the first light unfold, creating dreams to replace the ones I would have had under my sheets; sunrise photography is becoming a much loved practice. 

The luxury of not having to share the landscape, to admire the first light till your eyes are twinkly, to breath in the abundance of air till you are giddy; trumps morning sleep any day.

*How unfortunate that the word ‘trump’ makes me cringe each time I use it. 

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  1. Beautiful. Your pictures are amazing. Every picture tells a little story.

  2. Love your post and I agree Boracay is such a paradise. It’s so magical! I also did a blog post with my travel adventure in Boracay. Xx


  3. Quietness settles within me, viewing your amazing images.

  4. Wow. Its like capturing silence with silence..! Excellent..

  5. Shadows in the sand? Well done again.
    As for Trump, we have been “trompés”.

  6. as always, your work evokes deeper reflection. Thank you for taking us along to experience these landscapes through your lens. Peace!

  7. That first image is haunting. Nice work.

  8. This last black and white is startling – I would put that on my wall – my daughter spent a good deal of time in the philippines and i will visit some day. Actually My daughter in law’s mother is from the Philippines too so I am doubly assured to visit one day. Your work is very restful lately – c

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