the color of rain~ China

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the color of rain-10 the color of rain-5 the color of rain the color of rain-7 the color of rain-6 the color of rain-4 the color of rain-3 the color of rain-2

With rain in China comes color, like fireworks on New Year’s, the umbrellas adorn the streets like confetti, I wait for the rain…

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  1. Your artistry and creativity are simply beautiful! Your pictures are inspiring works of art. Thank you for sharing these 🙂

  2. Olala! I have no words! Maybe only FANTASTIC!

  3. beautiful, magic photos! <3

  4. Superb sequence.

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  6. love all especially the fourth one…umbrella… (what is that colour) against the silhouetted highrise….so very evocative…

  7. Beautiful…elegant and understated.

  8. hahaha nice pictures !

  9. Beautiful and unique!!

  10. How beautiful! You really captured the essence of a rainy day!

  11. Every Picture is Beautifullll!!!! Truly an amazing Post!!! <3

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    Just remarkable photos as usual-. Thanks Mimo!

  13. Wonderful! It feels so hopeful somehow.

  14. The second last photo is my fav – striking contrast, balance and backdrop. (thumbs up, Mimo) 🙂

  15. The second last photo is my fav — striking contrast and balance. (thumbs up, Mimo) 🙂

  16. encuadres cercanos y un procesado atrevido que acompaña perfectamente a las imágenes, muy acertado y artístico, me gusta mucho

  17. These are simply drop-dead gorgeous

  18. Very interesting color you chose for your images, I really like that!!!

  19. Absolutely stunning photography! Matched only by your creative poetry. I love this!

  20. Nice! Everybody takes photos on the Bund but these are different.

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