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Holding on to innocence~

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As my little girl grows up, I watch with quiet desperation how her innocence begins to recede to the background. The old simple jokes that made her laugh again and again are now silly, the complete freedom with which she skipped all over the world and its problems is beginning to allow bits of worry into her magical world. Questions about the state of the world arise causing a frown to form on her previously every radiant and smiling face. Nothing prepares a parent for the inevitable letting go of their child’s innocence. We hold on to it desperately, we pray that the hugs will last longer, that the laughter will ring louder and that worry will keep its fangs away from our babies.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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I am not there yet, no father, but I can assume it does something to you. Maybe growing up is not losing innocence, but knowing the price of innocence en not being innocent. Great job photographing!

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These pieces are beautiful… It’s one thing to refrain from accepting the loss of innocence of a loved one, but it’s another to accept how growing up isn’t a bad thing.. Be proud and never stop loving that person because no one is too grown up to still receive love and support from someone they will always hold dear in life. Never let go of the little moments and stay strong for the bigger moments.

My daughter is 12 and I can’t relate to this post at all. Loss of innocence is a) only ever partial – we all retain some, and b) necessary – who wants to stay a toddler forever? My experience is that when I let go of such unrealistic expectations of life (of things staying the same) and instead embrace my daughter’s changes and development and increasing awareness of the world, two things happen: 1) I don’t suffer, and 2) I’m far better able to support her. If I were to get all anxious about her place in the world, that wouldn’t help her – it’d make her more anxious, and less innocent, which is the very thing the author wants to avoid! What you resist persists. What you embrace tends to work out.

Lovely! (Not so little ‘ny more!) 🙂
Don’t you worry: my two daughters are now 32 (a doctor, married) and 30 (in Thailand with an NGO) and… details change but is still is lovely to see them grow up into great adults, responsible people. Yes one would love to “keep” our babies, but I insist, seeing how they evolve into great persons is lovely indeed.
Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Mimo, an excellent and insightful commentary. I especially liked – “we pray that the hugs will last longer, that the laughter will ring louder and that worry will keep its fangs away from our babies.” Peace and blessings, to you Mimo, and to your beautiful daughter.

I look at little faces and it is a sad moment when you see it happen. They suddenly become aware of things and it is happening at such a young age now. People wonder why there is so much craziness now. It’s because society pushes for the young to grow too fast when in reality we grew up perfectly fine at a slower pace. Incredibly beautiful photographs. The little girl is such an innocent beauty. It saddens me deeply to imagine her losing the little amount of childhood innocent time they have now.
Much Respect

The beauty of an innocent child can’t be disturbed by nothing, Conserving this beauty while growing up is the real art of living.

I know what mean, I have felt the same way. Now I have a little grandaughter and enjoy her little magical world, her laughs, her comments , seeing the world trough children’s eyes, and hug her as much I can do. And I am thankful that I can enjoy this periode of childness a second time. (Sorry if there are some mistakes but English is not my mothertongue.)

Lovely and touching! I know exactly how you feel. I have an 8 year old boy who is starting to go through this very thing, and a 1 year old girl who I want to stay an innocent baby forever. Thanks for sharing.

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