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Day 28~ November 28th~ New York

street life
exhilarating street life

I have been drawn to sports that involved moving fast and risking your neck since I was a very young child. I loved to water ski, snow ski, jump from very high places and skate. Growing up in Lebanon that was considered radical at the time, but determination to do what I wanted led me to push the limits of social tolerances. So, while in New York, I loved seeing skate boards on every street corner and rebellious teenagers zipping and flying by annoyed pedestrians. It just spelled for me the strong wish of young people to cause a change, to see a new world not dragged down by the old and to simply be free.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Wonderful shadows and sense of movement. I can hear the whirring and clunking of the boards.
Mimo, I recently read the book “A Thousand Farewells” by Nalah Ayad. (A Canadian authour) It was fascinating and insightful to read her perspective on the complications and devastations of war in Lebanon and the Middle East. Heartbreaking.

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