Day 27~ November 27th~ New York

To be free to do just that~ 

Don’t you love it when you find yourself so free in your mind to just break into a dance in the middle of a crowded park simply because you ‘feel’ it? Don’t you wish we could alway be reactive like children without the weight of inhibition and the shackles of self enforced rules of behavior?

photo~ man dancing in central park

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  1. I love this one. Totally inspiring.

  2. Love the belt. And the joy.

  3. Great shot, Mimo. I really like that!!

  4. Effectivement, les adultes réfrènent trop leurs enthousiasmes ou émotions, par peur du “ridicule”… Très belle photo, j’aime !

  5. Great point about inhibition. The freedom of children is something most adults have forgotten.

  6. yes yes yes

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