Day 19~ November 19th~ New York

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pearl necklaces

Some experiences remain etched in our minds not because of their importance, but sometimes because of their simplicity. I was riding the roosevelt island tram one evening (you know this strange red cable car that crosses over at 60th street to the island), and next to me sat a beautiful old lady in her 70’s. She said hello and then she said “pearl necklaces”. On seeing my puzzled face she went on to say: “the bridges, they are so beautiful at night, don’t they look like pearl necklaces?”. Since that evening, I can only think of pearl necklaces when I see a bridge lit up at night as the Queensborough bridge was on that evening. That lady had the gift of seeing beauty and art in everything and she left me so inspired.

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  1. Yes, pearl necklaces, exactly! Beautiful picture, Mimo! Adrian

  2. Really nice bokeh. Wonderful image. Have a peaceful shopping-free weekend.

  3. A skyline we all know and you have made it more interesting with your perspective. Lovely image, Mimo

  4. What a beautiful story. The way one looks at things says so much.

  5. Have to love bokeh right?

  6. Great image, with amazing colors 🙂

  7. Aww! This is a lovely photo with such a beautiful episode behind it!! It is really inspiring, and very grateful you shared such a little poetic tale with us!

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