Day 18~ November 18th~ New York

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a walk in the park

Every desert houses an oasis, and for New York City, central park is just that vital. One of the largest and most visited urban parks in the world, the park has bucket loads of charm to offer. Even when you don’t have time to visit during the rush of life, knowing that it is there, a slice of uninterrupted natural life in the middle of all the concrete, is a release of stress. Funny how despite all the gadgets we create, the technological advancements we champion, all it takes is little walk in the park to confirm our sense of being.

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  1. heavenly.. I love the gentle stripes of colour Mimo..

  2. An oasis, beautiful light, Mimo!

  3. that bokeh is so wonderful…and you’re right about Central Park…i hope to visit there again sometime next year and take lots of pictures.

  4. Now this one I love!!! So quiet, simple and zen-like. Has a very meditative quality to it: which seems strange knowing where it was shot. Hope for the city.

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