Day 7~ October 7th~ Yunnan

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human proximity~ Yiche people~ Yunnan

When a child is sick or unwell, the only thing it craves is the warm touch of a parent or family member. We are creatures that thrive on warmth and human contact makes us tingle. This fact begs the question: what will be come of us when our lives become more and more digital and virtual and will Siri’s calm cold voice be enough to serenade a child to sleep?

In Yunnan I only saw children attached to family members while they walked, worked, cooked and these children were strong, confident and loved. I will take a hug over a text message any day.

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  1. Wonderful kid! I’d have tried to give the mom more space in the picture, but maybe the framing is on purpose to focus on the child.

  2. His eyes!! Beautiful! And beautifully taken!

  3. I love the drama!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  4. Humans are impossible to replace. There is nothing better than a hug

  5. Another good one both image and text

  6. family members sleep with children who are sick…they do recover faster…

  7. Your text captures one importance of human interaction!

  8. i really love this pic!

  9. The eyes of that child! Beautiful colors and textures as well; as always, a brilliant photo, Mimo.

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