Day 7~ October 7th~ Yunnan

human proximity~ Yiche people~ Yunnan

When a child is sick or unwell, the only thing it craves is the warm touch of a parent or family member. We are creatures that thrive on warmth and human contact makes us tingle. This fact begs the question: what will be come of us when our lives become more and more digital and virtual and will Siri’s calm cold voice be enough to serenade a child to sleep?

In Yunnan I only saw children attached to family members while they walked, worked, cooked and these children were strong, confident and loved. I will take a hug over a text message any day.

Day One Hundred Seventy Five, July 16, 2011

a tender moment...

It was a Saturday afternoon, the city is Shanghai, the alley is very crowded, the heat was extremely suffocating, the people were irritated, pushing, shoving, impatient…

And then from the corner of my eye, I sensed a calm, a special moment, in the middle of all the noise, a bubble of containment, a special love from human to cat passed with a tender caress, another wonderful human gift, the ability to transfer emotion and I was lucky to witness it.